Terms of Service

Version 1.0 dated 15 May 2017

In this service policy we provide the terms of service rendering and use of the hardware-software complex SNOWD. These terms of use apply both to the software created and distributed on behalf of Snowd Security OU (including mobile applications), therefore SNOWD, and to the network resources of the hardware-software complex SNOWD (including the website snowd.com), which are provided for the use along with the software (hereinafter referred to as "Service").

The Service acts as a mediator in the Internet connections between the user and the Internet resources requested by the user. The SNOWD program and the Service are intended to implement the above-mentioned function only. We do not provide Internet access and can not be responsible for it.

By accepting these Terms of Use, you also agree to the Privacy Statement which is an integral part of this agreement.

The fact of accepting these terms of service

These terms are an agreement between SNOWD and the user of the software products of this company (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement"). By installing the SNOWD application and registering on the website, you fully agree to be bound by these terms of use.

In case of changing these terms, we commit ourselves to inform you by e-mail no later than the day before the new policy comes into force. Using the application, you automatically take responsibility for compliance with the terms of this agreement in the current edition.


The service is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" and "WITH ALL ERRORS" and defects without warranty of timely availability of any network node, but at the same time we guarantee timely informing about technical problems and failures, immediately after their occurrence;

We do not guarantee the integrity of information transmitted or received via the Service;

We do not assume any liability (legal, financial, etc.) for any consequences by the use of our service. You use the SNOWD software and the Service at your own risk;

We reserve the right to disable your account without prior warning, but with an explanation of the reason which can only be a violation of the terms of this agreement;

In case of locking due to violation of the terms of this Agreement, no compensation for the unused period is provided;

We fully disclaim liability for any unlawful actions of our users in any jurisdiction; and our actions (or inaction) can not be considered as impediments to the investigation, since the refusal to use user authentication and the absence of network logs are parts of our service policy and they form the basis of services delivered;

We disclaim any financial liability as we do not store any payment or financial transactions data and, therefore, we can not physically return the money paid;

We do not give any warranties of the data transfer rate by the use of the Service;

We assume no obligation to monitor the age of our users. Therefore, we do not impose age restrictions on the use of the Service. This fact results not only from the absence of ability to determine the user's age. Our position reflects the aversion to restrictions of rights by age, racial, national, religious or any other grounds.


Payment opens the possibility to use the Service during the selected subscription period without restrictions on traffic;

When disabling the auto-prolongation of the paid subscription, you do not cancel the subscription of the current period;

Auto-prolongation works for the last successful payment method and is cancelled if to change the payment method;

Paid subscriptions are summarized: in case of re-payment during the current paid subscription period, the subscription period will increase and the next automatic payment will occur only after the full use of all paid periods;

When supported by your payment method, plans renew automatically by default at the completion of the billing term. By default, the renewal term is for the same duration as the billing term for the original subscription. The subscription fee will be charged automatically to the payment method you last selected. If you would like to discontinue automatic renewal, you should sign in to the our website snowd.com and turn off auto-renewal.

The subscription can be automatically renewed 24 hours before the subscription period ends in case if, at the time of renewal, the option "auto-prolongation" is enabled in the account settings;

By default, auto-renewal is turned on when you use a payment method that supports auto-renewal (such as a credit card or Paypal)

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We accept applications for the refund of unused days within 14 days from the date of start using Snowd service;

Refunds are generally processed within five (5) days, and are made to the original form of payment used for purchase;

Users whose subscriptions are billed as an in-app purchase through the Apple App Store (iOS phone) or Google Play Store (Android phone) do not have access to the 14-day money-back guarantee. Instead, users can request refunds through the App Store or Google play.

License agreement

SNOWD applications are conditionally free software;

SNOWD is an exclusive creator and holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the software. We prohibit the sale (resale) of SNOWD software, distribution of sublicenses for the SNOWD software or any other way to generate income using the provided software and the Service;

The Service and the software to work with it belong to the legal owner SNOWD. All graphic interfaces, the compilation results and software resources, text and graphic information supplied together with the software, computer code and all elements of the software and elements of the Service are owned by SNOWD and are subject to copyright protection;

We do not pass the account registration data for a temporary or permanent use, but you must understand that you provide it at your own risk;

It is prohibited to decompile or modify the source code of the software, as well as to make any changes to the programs or their components;

It is prohibited to use graphics, logo and any material from this website without our permission.

Restrictions and prohibitions

You may not use the Service to:

Transmit spam (directly or indirectly) or organize any other mass mailings;

Distribute pornography;

Violate the rights and freedoms of the individual, send mails containing threats, insults, libel, as well as carry out activities infringing constitutional rights;

Transmit materials that contain software viruses, worms, trojans and other malicious software, including malicious computer scripts and commands;

Use the Service for activities and propaganda of extremist and terrorist nature;

Interfere with the work of the Service, disturb its integrity and performance, attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service and related systems or networks;

Impersonate another person and act on his\her behalf;

Use the Service to organize hacker attacks, including obtaining unauthorized access, network sabotage, phishing, etc .;

Intentionally or unintentionally inflict commercial harm on SNOWD and harm the reputation of its employees and partners;

Use more than one registered account to access the Service;

Scan open ports, proxy servers, or generate a stream of single-type requests that may be qualified as DOS / DDOS-attack.

Consequences in case of breach of these terms

In case of violation of these terms of use, your access to the service will be blocked by disabling the account related to the violation;

In case of violation of this Agreement, you agree to indemnify the damage inflicted upon SNOWD and directly or indirectly related to your actions and their consequences.

Conditions of access to the Service

By accepting these terms and registering in the Service System, any user monthly receives free limited access to the Service;

A free access to the Service has a limitation in the traffic rate, which we monthly guarantee to pass through the Service;

In case of the fulfillment of the "Spread the Freedom" programme’s conditions, the monthly traffic limit can be extended;

In case of the purchase of a paid access to the Service, the traffic limitation is removed for the period specified in the account;

We guarantee the absence of the intentional traffic rate limitation through the Service and the absence of user discrimination of any kind;

User rights

When using the SNOWD software and Service, a user has the right to:

Use the SNOWD software to access his\her own VPN servers in the way provided by the application user interface;

Demand compensation in the form of a bonus in case when the access to the Service is not granted after the payment, and when the impossibility to use the service is not 1) caused by the fault of the user; 2) and is not a result of breaching these Terms of use;

Use an unlimited number of parallel connections to the Service and install an unlimited number of programs (but only in case of following the p. 4.10 of this document).

Changes to the terms of this agreement

By agreeing to the terms of this agreement, you accept the fact that the terms of this agreement may be changed at any time, in our sole discretion. After changing, the terms are binding. You also agree that we may notify you about the Updated Terms by e-mail. We guarantee that the period from the moment of publication of a new text version of the Terms of Service till the date of its coming into force must not be less than a day.