We vote for the free internet. Make security agencies and marketers learn how to do their job well again. But not through searching for terrorism attributed “drop” in the “ocean” of our private data.
Access websites and apps you love by one click. Decide what to read, listen and watch by yourself. Regardless someone else thinks of it.
We’ll protect all kinds of personal data, emails and transactions both from frauds and government programs. Even using free Wi-Fi in any cafe is safe with Snowd.
Now Seriously…
The Consequences of Using Insecure Internet Connection

Personal Data Interception

Logins, passwords, credit cards’ numbers, ID and private data — all these can be intercepted just while you’re surfing through public Wi-Fi without using Snowd.

Geo Tracking

Found yourself being close to the breaking news events? You can be added to the suspect list just because of having lunch at the next door cafe. It’s better to be invisible now than to justify yourself later.

Photo and Email Leaks

Everything you keep in your smartphone can be stolen even easier than a candy from a baby. But even a hacker won’t be able to intercept anything but crypted mess of symbols.


Everything is collecting and analysing to affect you — every like, interaction with sites or ads etc. Snowd conceals your trails and for sure spoils the mood of lazy marketers.

Privacy & Security

Snowd believes everyone has a right to privacy. That’s why we never keep logs of your online browsing activity. Stay private, stay secure, and browse anonymously.

Freedom and Equality

Snowd is fighting as well against freedom of speech restrictions, price discrimination in e-shopping for users from different countries, annoying ads and other kinds of implicit injustice.
The Informational Hygiene Is Gonna Be Your №1 Habit.
It’s ok if you go out not being well shaved or putting dirty sneakers on. Today it’s not a big deal. But it’s NOT normal to keep thinking you’re in a private zone while using your laptop or smartphone.

Every tap is a footprint in the sand. And it doesn’t really matter where you are going — for a beer with a friend or to a cafe with a girlfriend. It’ll be tracked, saved and used not in your best interests one day. Your online private space protection should be as indispensable and natural habit as brushing teeth in the morning.
Don’t leave trails Be invisible using Snowd
Smart Connect — access the best available location with ultra fast speed by one click
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No matter where you are at the moment. Snowd lets you choose any virtual location and one-click switch between them. Use any of Snowd’s VPN servers or just add your own locations.
One solution for all devices.
One account can be used on different devices at the same time.
Free. Forever!