I had been looking for leaders, but I realized that leadership is about being the first to act

About us

Who We Are

We live in different cities from Vancouver to Russia. Some of us are working for the local startups, outsourcing companies and even for a well-known media project (the one who does actually gets pissed off of being called a Сog-in-the-System but it’s ok, he got used to it). In other words, we all really know how the information works. And what kind of power it brings to the ones who keep it.

How It All Started

The day when Edward Snowden appeared on every screen we realized the world will never be the same again. It seemed that such a global surveillance can be unleashed only by a sick paranoid’s imagination and could be easily treated with a foil hat. But the reality and Snowden’s revelation exposed that watching people’s life is just a generic job for the government.

However, every breaking news is slowly winding down. Global surveillance programs keep evolving creating new methods of watching not only the state leaders but our private lives.

Internet Is Not Private Anymore

Political consultants and brand managers are not just outside spectators anymore. They gained access to your data and made the clandestine surveillance legal using tiny notifications in services’ “Terms and Conditions”.

Did you know your Facebook likes and browsing history can recreate your personality for 98%? Your mindset, sexual preferences and even your favourite cereals. Every piece of data determines the content of ads and links to make you order a vacuum cleaner with GPS or to convince to vote for the one who you used to consider as a freak. We know it’s hard to hear but it’s not a made-up story.

Politicians used to say the internet is private but in fact all the data is under control and can be blocked or intercepted in every minute. We dared to disagree with their rules and vision of freedom.

What We Do

We’re inspired by Edward Snowden who declared “I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded”. That’s why we have developed Snowd:

  • to erase all the “traces” you leave in the internet every day to protect you from everyone who is used to sticking his nose in your business;
  • to protect you from your personal data leaks. For instance from intercepting your credit card number when you buy brand-new sneakers sitting in a cafe and using insecure public Wi-Fi;
  • to bypass access restrictions and get the internet freedom back;
  • to fence you off from “info-zombies” who pretend to be caring brands. “We do care!…” sounds familiar? Bla-bla… all they really need is your traces to use it later for their own profits.
Snowd is a free of charge service for building up your personal freedom and protecting the values of civil society.We see ourselves as one of the few companies that really means it saying “We do care”. Because supporting you in the battle for your rights we fight for our rights as well.
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